Learning the long golf drive

I want a long drive!

Underneath all of my fat is an athlete waiting to be discovered, and I’ve been surprising myself with a strong long drives. It’s happens rarely, but occasionally I get in-sync and send a rocket ball flying the length of 3 football fields down the fairway. It’s got to be a rush putting for an eagle on a 517 yard hole, but you need to be able to consoistently drive 250 yards!

Faldo’s swing

Craig Stadler, a fellow my size and age who can play some serious golf. Craig shows in his video lessons how 95% of a power swing comes from the legs, and it’s true.

I went first-class and signed-up for drive training by Brad Clayton, a would-renowned PGA instructor. He runs the Golf Zone in Oxford, and here is one of his lessons online, and his testimonials. He is also a golf expert in USA Today.

Brad Clayton, PGA Professional

Brad has totally dismantled my swing, changing my grip, stance, backswing and follow-through. But he know what he’s doing, and Janet and I have been practicing religiously, seeking the day when we can send a long golf drive into the next county.

I have a long way to go, but with dedication and practice I should be able to start driving like a pro, even if I five putt . . .

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