Foreign hatred and the tragedy at Virginia Tech

The tragedy at Virginia Tech ranks as the second largest foreign suicide terrorist attack in US history, right behind 911.

In the wake of yesterday’s brutal murders of 32 students by a South Korean national, Americans suggest the need to reexamine our open-door policy to foreign visitors from nations that do not like the USA. As the facts unfold, we will see that this was not the work of an isolated student, it was a well-planned attack by a foreign alien who prepared a vest with over 100 rounds of ammo.

For whatever the reasons, it’s a reality that millions of foreigners hate America and yet I wonder why they flock to American Universities and come here to work in America.

Some people are saying that the USA no longer has the luxury of trying to separate the “good” foreigners from the “bad guys” and nobody can deny that these tragic murders would not have occurred if we did not allow foreign students into American universities.

The students react to campus terrorism

Vanderbilt University notes that terrorism has changed student visas, and that student visas are a great way for terrorists to enter the USA:

“Most Americans have the perception that at least some of the Sept. 11 terrorists took advantage of laws that allow foreign students to study in the United States. Understandably, many see this as a loophole that needs to be closed quickly and tightly.”

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