Noel is ready for trips Abroad

Janet and I love kids and we love it when the 4H comes-out to help us groom the ponies and when neighborhood kids come to visit.

We even have made it clear to our daughter that it would not be the end of the world if she got knocked up. We assured her that Janet and I would raise it while she finishes grad school, but hey, Kid’s . . . they never listen.

Noel was Janet’s Birthday/Christmas present last year (she was born on Christmas day, so for a combined holiday, I make sure that she always gets something special) and Noel has done a great job in filling the baby void.

Noel is as needy as any human baby, and she goes almost everywhere with us. She is one of the most well-traveled puppies anywhere, and she has already visited every major city in America.

We have even changed our hotels, choosing doggy-friendly hotels where they cater to pampered pups. Noel is now old enough to travel abroad, and I haven’t seen Janet so excited in ages. We are planning an overseas resort trip for some downtime, and Janet has Noel well-prepared for her adventures abroad:

It’s a real pain that we can’t take Noel through Hawaii because of their strict quarantine laws, but Hong Kong is more liberal for traveling pets. Even the United Kingdom has pet laws, and here is the British Airways Scheme for pet travel. You know, I’ve never gotten used to the British term “scheme” since in the USA the word “scheme” has sinister connotations!

Anyway, Noel has these special ”doggles” to shade her eyes, and she seems to like wearing them. She also has a custom-made swim jacket for visits to the beach:

Janet even bought her a stroller, just for dogs:

Janet even has built-in air conditioning, using some of those frozen gel packs, to keep her cool in the tropics.

Yeah, it’s a bit over-the-top, but Noel is our official surrogate baby, and she seems to enjoy her new stuff:

I can’t wait until we get to the resort and people notice the baby carriage and approach us to see junior. . . That should be good for a few laughs anyway. . . .

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