Numbering people

We have a real problem with non-unique names around here and much of it is due to parents choosing “common” names for their children. We have multiple Terry’s, Robert’s John’s and Jen’s, and at first we tried to give each of them “descriptive” names, but it didn’t seem fair to label people that way, so we started numbering them.

I got the idea from Dr. Seuss’ book “The Cat in the Hat” and his mention of “Thing 1 and Thing 2

We now have John 1 through John 3, and at the top of the list are Jens, with four so far.

Here is Jen1 and Jen3 with Noel:

The Jens have been a great asset in helping us keep our horses show ready, and they love to hang-out on the ranch and play with Bear and the sundry farm critters:

It’s weird having to refer to people by number, but it’s the only fair way to keep from hurting peoples feelings.

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